Happy Tahiti has conquered the world !

Happy Tahiti has conquered the world !
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More than 350,000 views were recorded to this date for the video ” Happy ( We are from Tahiti) ” published on the Youtube channel of Tahiti Tourisme at the end of February.

The Polynesia’s response to the global phenomenon launched around the tube Pharrell Williams is one of the most viewed and most popular versions with nearly 3000 likes.

The representatives of Tahiti Tourisme in the world have mobilized to provide an efficient link to this video : publications on their facebook pages and twitter officials accounts, sending press releases and newsletters …

The video has initially spread rapidly in the key markets of Tahiti Tourisme . France thus represents 32 % of the most viewed followed by the U.S. (13%) , Tahiti (10% ), Germany (5.5% ), Italy (3.4%) and Canada ( 2 , 2 % ) .

That the video was then viewed in the world is not an understatement since 221 countries and territories are included in the views of Happy Tahiti.

Some figures do not, however, fail to surprise : 800 views in Koweït, a hundred in Mongolia and Benin , fifty in Burma and Nepal , and even some video views in Tajikistan, Zambia and Greenland. 350,000 views all for now, and probably as many smiles!

Happy Tahiti has conquered the world !
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  1. Neil Klein
    April 12th, 2014 18:32

    I am for direct flights from Tel Aviv to Tahiti & from Tahiti to Tel Aviv.


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